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Worlds Largest Dinosaur

Published: 23rd May 2014

What is thought to be the world’s largest dinosaur has been discovered in Patagonia, Argentina. The dinosaur belongs to the group of sauropods known as Titanosaurs. It’s femur or thigh bone alone is taller than a human being. Based on the length and circumference of the bones that have been discovered it is thought that the complete dinosaur would have weighed 70 tonnes the equivalent of 14 African elephants. It would have been 40 metres long (equivalent to 4 buses) and 20 metres high with its neck and head raised.

A farmer discovered the initial bone, and then palaeontologist carried out a dig unearthing 7 of these dinosaurs in all plus some carnivorous dinosaurs. As yet the huge Titanosaur has not been scientifically named but an initial suggestion has been “Super Patagoniasaurus”. This dinosaur replaces Argentinosaurus who held the title of the largest dinosaur. It is also the largest animal to ever walk on this planet.