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Hadrosaur Tail from Mexico

Published: 1st Aug 2013

The fossilised tail of a duck-billed dinosaur from about 72 million years ago has been discovered in Mexico. The hadrosaur tail is…Read more...

Doggy Paddling Dinosaurs

Published: 10th Apr 2013

100 million year old scratch-marks have been found on the floor of a riverbed in Canada. The area is known as Dinosaur Highway because…Read more...

Early Birds are Food for Dinosaurs

Published: 31st Aug 2012

Scientists from the University of Alberta, USA, have made a remarkable discovery when studying the fossilized remains of Sinocalliopteryx…Read more...

T rex Was Bigger Than Thought

Published: 13th Oct 2011

New research shows that T rex had accelerated growth during in teenage years eventually becoming heavier than previously thought.…Read more...