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New Fish-eating Pterosaur

Published: 16th Jan 2014

A new type of pterosaur has been discovered in the Wallendorf limestone of Germany that lived about 155 million years ago. The pterosaur…Read more...

Rare Diplodocus Auctioned

Published: 28th Nov 2013

A rare near complete skeleton of a Diplodocus was auction yesterday and sold for £400,000. The skeleton was discovered in 2009…Read more...

Argentinosaurus Walks Again

Published: 31st Oct 2013

Dr Bill Sellers and a team of scientists at the University of Manchester first laser scanned a skeleton of the 38 metre long Argentinosaurus.…Read more...

Nicholas Cages Dinosaur Skull

Published: 30th Oct 2013

Was the skull of a Tyrannosaurus bataar that Nicholas Cage bought at auction in 2007 originally stolen. The Daily Telegraph has discovered…Read more...

Oldest Bird Footprints in Australia

Published: 29th Oct 2013

Dinosaur Cove in Australia is formed from Early Cretaceous rocks. New footprints discovered there are from ancient birds that would…Read more...