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New Super-Huge Dinosaur Revealed

Published: 10th Sep 2014

A new discovery of a massive sauropod dinosaur has been revealed. Named Dreadnoughtus schrani the dinosaur was 25.9 metres (85ft)…Read more...

New African Titanosaur Species

Published: 8th Sep 2014

This week has seen the discovery of a new species of the huge Titanosaur dinosaurs. It has been named Rukwatitan bisepultus and its…Read more...

Dinosaur ‘Babysitter’

Published: 3rd Sep 2014

 A nest of baby dinosaurs has been discovered with what is very possibly a young ‘babysitter’ sitting on top of the…Read more...

Doctor Who and the Dinosaurs

Published: 22nd Aug 2014

In the first of a new series of Doctor Who that features the new incarnation of the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, we first see…Read more...

First Dinosaur For Venezuela

Published: 6th Aug 2014

The very first dinosaur to be discovered in Venezuela is also a brand new species. The fantastically named Laquintasaura venezuelae…Read more...