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New discovery finds ‘missing link’ in dinosaurs history

Published: 13th Apr 2017

A study starting with a fossil at the Natural History Museum in London has unearthed a link to the evolution of the dinosaurs. Fragments…Read more...

Largest Dinosaur Footprints in the World Discovered in Western Australia

Published: 30th Mar 2017

A discovery of over 21 different types of dinosaur footprints has been unearthed including prints left by gigantic herbivores. These…Read more...

The First Dinosaurs May Have Had A UK Origin

Published: 23rd Mar 2017

A new theory suggests dinosaurs may have originated from the Northern Hemisphere, an area, which may possibly have been Britain. For…Read more...

Ancient Mystery solved between 2 species of Ichthyosaurs

Published: 9th Mar 2017

Ichthyosaurus were a large group of marine reptiles originating during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The first large…Read more...

How did Dinosaurs stand on 2 feet?

Published: 7th Mar 2017

A new theory from paleontologists from the University of Alberta Canada explains why some dinosaur species stood on two feet instead…Read more...