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Preserved Protein Found in 195 Million Year Old Dinosaur Bone

Published: 1st Feb 2017

The findings of soft tissue help to provide insights into the biology of dinosaurs. This latest discovery pushes back the oldest evidence…Read more...

How long did it take for dinosaur's to hatch?

Published: 4th Jan 2017

​We used to look at the hatching times of birds and other similar sized eggs, (which hatch relatively quickly) as an indication…Read more...

Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved In Amber!

Published: 9th Dec 2016

A tail of a 99 million year old dinosaur has been found in northern Myanmar. The tail preserved in amber is intact including bones,…Read more...

How Close Is Your Christmas Turkey To The Dinosaurs?

Published: 7th Dec 2016

The evolutionary history of birds as dinosaurs is quite apparent, even in a turkey on your Christmas table. In recent years the discovery…Read more...

Did the dinosaur killing asteroid put a hole in the earth’s crust?

Published: 2nd Dec 2016

Researchers are currently trying to prove if the dinosaur-killing asteroid not only killed the dinosaurs but also put a hole in the…Read more...