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The Dinosaur Museum has often appeared on national television. It is a special favourite with children’s TV programmes. The museum has been featured on BBC’s Blue Peter, Tickabilla, the Tweenies and Words & Pictures amongst others. Most recently it has been part of The Removal Men and Tiny Pop.

The Museum has also featured in and been the inspiration for books. Most noteably perhaps “Remarkable Creatures” by Tracy Chevalier. It was on a visit to the Dinosaur Museum with her son that Tracy Chevalier first learnt of Mary Anning and her exploits and was inspired to discover more write her novel:

Advertising agencies looking for a background for product shoots are easily accommodated at times when there is little or no public presence. The Museum is also be an excellent venue for the launch of topic related books.

To discover more about filming or other media uses of the Dinosaur Museum contact Tim Batty on 01305 269741 or [email protected]


All press inquiries should be directed to Tim Batty on 01305 269741 or [email protected]